Saturday, September 29, 2012


Hey guys,
I seriously haven't logged into the blog in 2 years!  My Horse Isle account expired, so I had to remake, and now I play a lot less.
I just wanted to say that new posts may be coming.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Saplings for Charla Mae Quest

Talk to Charla Mae, the orange grower in Hotton on Desert Isle, to start this quest.
  1. Charla Mae wants Molten Meadows' orange tree saplings.
  2. Ask Bowen in Molten Meadows on northeastern Lava Isle for three orange tree saplings.
  3. Dig up the three saplings around the orange tree after paying $300.
  4. Take the saplings back to Charla.

You Completed Saplings for Charla Mae! You earned $5000 and 100 quest points. ~Emmie~

Friday, August 6, 2010

Rodney's Wacky Tube Men Quest

Start this quest by talking to Rodney, who is directly to the right of the wagon on Hoof Isle.
  1. Rodney lost the Wacky Waving Inflatible Arm Flailing Tube Men that he's selling. The red one is in some palm trees to the north. Use the binoculars (found under tools) next to the bottom right palm tree of the group of three palm trees to the north.
  2. Bring the red one back to Rodney.
  3. The green one went east across the ocean to Puuhonua Isle. You can get there by talking to Barrett in the General Store on Tail Isle at the western end. Talk to Lelu; the green one is between the three palm trees if you use your binoculars.
  4. Bring the green one back to Rodney.
  5. The blue one flew north to a bigger island. In Shellton on Turtle Isle, talk to Harry Holterz in the barn, then use the binoculars on the right side of the barn to get the blue one.
  6. Bring the blue one back to Rodney.
  7. The pink one is just in the woods in the center of Hoof Isle. Use the binoculars just south of the mud hole to find it, but it flies into the mud hole, so you have to sacrifice the grooming on your horses to get it! Use the binoculars again once you're in the mud hole.
  8. Return the last one, the pink one, to Rodney to get your reward.

You Completed the Search for Rodney's Wacky Tube Men! You earned 2 diamonds and 200 quest points. ~Emmie~

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mama Guinea's Need

Okay, so this isn't quite a quest because you get no quest points, but you still get a reward at the end.
  1. After finishing Dotti's Scary Noise Quest, you can begin this by talking to Mama Guinea, who needs acorns. She doesn't exactly say how many she needs, but I believe she squawks 11 times for 11 acorns.
  2. Bring 11 acorns back to Mama Guinea (maybe more)(hint: there are multiple oak trees on the isle, so you probably don't need to leave Hare Isle to get acorns).

You have successfully interpreted Mama Guinea's need, and are rewarded with an Amethyst Necklace. ~Emmie~

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dotti's Scary Noise Quest

Dotti is in Thumper Forest on Hare Isle along the forest's edge. I believe that she moves around the forest, but I'm not fully sure! This forest is located in the eastern "ear" of the isle.
  1. Talk to Dotti. She needs you to find the source of a scary noise that she heard to the north.
  2. In the patch of forest on the "head" of Hare Isle that has no trees, stand on the rocks. Talk to Mama Guinea, the animal that produced the scary noise.
  3. Tell Dotti what made the noise.

You have completed Dotti's Scary Noise! You have earned $2000, a Balloon Animal, a Gum Drop and 25 quest points. ~Emmie~

Marisole's New Friend Quest

This quest starts on Paradise Isle by talking to Marisole. You can only get there by talking to Robin, who lives in a willow tree to the east of Witherton on Rider Isle.
  1. Marisole wants to be friends with a horse on Paradise Isle. She needs 5 daisy hay bales and 5 bags of honey oats.
  2. If you feel brave, you can craft the daisy hay and honey oats in Carrotton on Hare Isle. It takes 10 bunches of daisies and 1 hay bale for EACH daisy hay, while honey oats need 10 honeycombs and 1 bag of oats for EACH bag of honey oats. That means you'll need 50 bunches of daisies, 5 hay bales, 50 honeycombs, and 5 bags of oats! It also costs $200 to craft each bale of daisy hay or bag of honey oats!
  3. Take the oats and hay back to Marisole.

You Completed Marisole's New Friend! You earned a Diamond Necklace, a Ruby Necklace, and 100 quest points. ~Emmie~

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Isleen's Dreams #3 Quest

Last of the Isleen Dream quests!
  1. Isleen needs you to deliver a dream box to the Purple Dragon in the Lava Isle Maze. If you need help navigating to the Purple Dragon, refer to our post titled Mazes!! from 12/24/2008. You can find it by typing "Lava Isle Maze" in the search box at the top left of the screen.
  2. Return to Isleen for your reward.

You Completed Isleen's Dreams #3! You earned a Pearl Necklace and 75 quest points. ~Emmie~