Sunday, December 21, 2008

Isle Directions!!

Here is the isle directions, how to get to an isle.

  • Ardent- Take the boat from Palm Isle.
  • Aesop- talk to dusty on dust isle.
  • Atropos- Take the boat from Palm Isle.
  • Bone Isle- Talk to Hudson in Shellton.
  • Cloud Isle- Have 75 percent of quests finished (plus the award). Then take 3 giant coconuts to Winchell on Jungle Isle.
  • Cresent- Talk to Demetrius in Witherton.
  • Dust Isle- Talk to Dusty. Located on the 3rd isle in the line of Sand Isles.
  • Eldorado- Talk to Hudson in Shellton. He'll send you to Sara on Bone Isle. She'll send you to Eldorado.
  • Haven Isle- Talk to the dock owner in Shellton.
  • Hotzeplotz- Talk to Grey Slate in Carrotton.
  • Igneous- Talk to Patsy on Lava and Koko to get off.
  • Lilac Isle- Talk to Mr. Tuttle in Shellton.
  • Loch Isle- Talk to the fish store owner in Treeton.
  • Lava Isle- Talk to Derdire on hoof isle (take wildflowers 5).
  • Mare Isle- Talk to Temperence in Treeton.
  • Neverending Isles- Take the Luck Dragon by the house on the beach by Shellton.
  • Palm Isle- Dig in the north-west corner of Mare Isle.
  • Paradise Isle- Talk to Robin on Rider Isle.
  • Pirate Isle- Have 50 percent of quests completed (plus the award). Then take 2 pearls to the rowboat on Bird Isle or the one on Saddle Isle.
  • Puuhonua Isle - see Barett the General Store owner on Tail Isle
  • Quiet Isle- Talk to Galvin in Muzzle Forest.
  • Rock Isle- Talk to Mr. Tuttle in Shellton. He'll send you to Bailey on Lilac (you have to search for her). She'll send you to Rock Isle.
  • Saddle isle- take bridge north end of rider isle. Ask residents for password.
  • Sand Isles- Take the boat from the dock on the north western side of Desert Isle.
  • Shimmer- Take the boat from Palm Isle.
  • Spirit Isle- Can only get there by renting a pegasus.
  • Theobroma Isle- Talk to King Phil on Hotzeplotz.

Hope this helps :)


Anonymous said...

CHAT RIDDLE: Figure out the missing words and type out the entire phrase: 18 H_ on a G_ C_

18 holes on a golf course

aley staley said...

hey what are the all horseisle notebooks

Emmie said...

Hi Aley Staley,
Horse Isle notebooks... did you mean Horse Isle workbooks? There are these hard-to-find treasures called Horse Isle Workbook treasures, scattered in odd places around Horse Isle. I think we have a post about them somewhere.... Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Hey! This is Aestival from the Dun server. FYI: Your sight rocks! :3 If you ever need me to help with any riddles, quest guides, ect. I'm here for ya!