Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Just so you know, this post was added because of YOUR votes on our recent poll! Thanks! Continue to vote, comment, and email us to make this website better!There are many secrets to Horse Isle but few cheats. Though this post will be added to once we have more information, here's a few treasures that you can find:

Non-moving treasures:

  • Horse Isle Workbook Treasure #1- This is something I learned about recently; I'm not sure how many treasures there are like this, but if you dig under the directions sign just south of Earton bank, you get $2,000 and 5 amethysts!
  • Horse Isle Workbook Treasure #2- Dig in the spot just south of the fountain on Hoof Isle in Horseshoe Village. You get $3,000 and 5 topazes!
  • Quest Treasure- Just south of Earton water fountain, you can dig. You earn rubies, money (I think), and 25 quest points! You can pay the guy at the FOOD store to tell you this information, so save money by telling your friends this!
  • Statue Treasure- Directly around Jungle Isle statues can be treasure! Dig around the figure and you will get gems and sometimes money, too!
  • Garden Treasure- PP and I were on Lava Isle and I raked in this garden, only to find a Topaz Necklace! Awesome! It's in Molten Meadows.

Moving treasures:

  • Pirate Treasures- On the beaches, sometimes you will see a faint red X with the outline of a chest under it. Dig there and you will earn a few hundred dollars in Pirate Treasure!
  • Pot of Gold Rainbows- These are NOT the huge rainbows that are common on many isles, such as Flower Isle and Turtle Isle. Instead, these are small half rainbows with a pot of gold at one end. Stand on it and you will be awarded with about $10,000! (by the way, both of the moving treasures can be found on any island but Cloud isle. So there is a possibility of finding one or the other on any isle. So just a heads up!) We will try to get a picture of each once when we find one of them.
This is a Pirate Treasure! This is a Pot of Gold. Walk on it and you are awarded about $10,000!

More to come. Know of something else treasure wise? Please comment below.


Anonymous said...

Also if you dig i think south (try all directions) of the sandcastle moat #18 on ice isle (travel along the beach and you will see it.) there is a workbook treasure.

also,if you could add pictures (maybe through a telescope) of where the statue heads were on jungle isle that would be really apriciated, thank you!

BTW, thanks! your website is super helpful!

Emmie said...

I'll have to try to get that workbook treasure, thank you! That would be one big picture, but I could try to get that up... I'll see what I can do :)

Anonymous said...

well on the one on horseshoe village on hoof isle with the fountain, i dug all over, and nothing was there! I am pretty dissapointed. But it is just a game! ;)
BTW my name on horse isle is fizzyemerald. SDo anyone that wants to be my buddy, send me a msg! Thanx

Anonymous said...

workbook treasures are as follows:
1. on earton x-roads sign
2.under hoof isle fountain
3.left of sandcastle moat #18 on ice isle
4.entrance to nilans maze on jungle isle

hope that helps XD

Emmie said...

Hi Anonymous from June 17,
We have that workbook treasure on another post, somewhere.... We'll try to do a jungle isle map for the heads, if you'd like.

Hi Anonymous from Sept. 30,
Maybe you already dug up the treasure by the fountain? Otherwise, I'm sorry you didn't find anything.

~Emmie and PP~

Emmie said...

Hi Anonymous from Nov. 5,
Thanks for the workbook treasures, but we also have those on another post, apparently.
~Emmie and PP~ ;) XD

Eavan said...

ill try doing that next time i go on horse isle it just be cool to find a pot of gold ive got a pirate chest already

thanks =D