Sunday, March 15, 2009


If you're a member on Horse Isle, you can own a ranch on the server to which you subscribe! With a ranch, you can own more horses, get Dorthy Shoes, automatically feed/train/water your horses, get free travel with a wagon, earn money with windmills, and even sell autosale horses when you're offline!

You can also make a profile about your ranch and name it, too.

Hate your current ranch? You can always sell it and start fresh elsewhere.

The cheapest ranches are on Tail Isle and Starfish Isle. They go for as low as $600,000! On other isles, such as Horse Isle itself, ranches can cost up to $2,000,000!

Upgrading your ranch allows you to have more buildings, like barns, wagons, training pens, etc.

You get to keep your ranch for 30 days if your subscription runs out, which leaves you time to resubscribe!

Hope this helps in your search for the ideal home on the Internet!


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